Monday, January 7, 2013

Community Theatre Diva

In a past incarnation I was a Community Theatre Diva. 

Can you believe it?

Lest you scoff, let me tell you that there are many wonderful people in the Community Theatre World.  

Plus, it is collaborative, it is creative and sometimes, if things go well, it can be beautiful.  If not, it's just fun.

Theater people are a unique bunch. Mostly, they will allow one to be oneself, which is lovely and virtually unheardof in most parts of our society. 

This was a successful venue for me and I highly reccomend this line of non-work.

After all, must money always be exchanged for one's talents?  Of course not!  Consider your entertaining to be a volunteer job of sorts.  Practice your lines and break a leg dear friends. 

One is never: too old, too fat, too lacking in talent, etc.........never!

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