Saturday, August 22, 2009

A short history of Madame L.

Hi folks,  Malva here.  I'm Madame L's Social Secretary writing to introduce myself.  

Madame L doesn't actually read her own blog so this gives me a chance to write about her.

It can take so much energy just being Madame L. that she doesn't really have the time for editing in her virtual life.

Truth be known Madame L has legions of admirers and quite a few imitators which is why she started this blog in the first place.  To give them some cyber-place where they can follow her escapades.

Most days she simply dictates these blog posts to me while walking around in white flowing Victorian nightgowns, crazy pajamas  or a wildly printed caftan.

I'm quickly writing this post to let you in on a few things about THE WAY THINGS ARE, in order to help you understand Madame L.

Without giving too much gossip I think you should know that Madame L really does have the finest taste. 

After humble beginnings she found success but then, sadly, one day lost her caftan, so to speak.

It was all due to some guy named Bernie Madhatter and his Fonzi scheme.  (Strange, I always thought "The Fonz" was more honorable than that).

Instead of wallowing in utter depression at her loss she decided it was the perfect opportunity to make some healthy changes.

First, she looked up the way she had been living on the carbon calculator.  She was quite ashamed to find she had been using 47 times the world's resources. All that travel, shopping and eating at expensive restaurants was nearly her undoing.

It was time for making better choices.

She then, chose to move (no one forces Madame L to do anything) to Rosebriar Cottage the name of the petite maison we call the vintage jewel box.

Then she systematically looked at the various aspects of her life and made stylish changes.

Instead of constantly bothering her florist with bigger and most grandiose floral arrangement concepts she started gardening and arranging herself. 

As an alternative to expensive (and fat producing) fine dining establishments, she has become an expert at fine home dining (with an eyeball on health).

Rather than arguing with her decorator, who never seemed to understand her approach, she is now decorating Rosebriar Cottage herself.

Instead of hectically finding her seat during Fashion Design Shows, she now staying true to her own look and internal style guidance.

Travel, well, let's just not talk about that subject for the moment.

Well I'd better sign off - it's about to be tea-time.