Friday, August 21, 2009

Name your home in 3 easy steps

A lesson in how to name your home in 3 easy steps.

Notice I didnt say house, you can name your room, apartment, condo, retirement home suite and so on. It's your 4 walls, the place that is lucky enough to have you living there. Doesnt it deserve a name?

1. Decide if you want a the in front of your name (this is optional and you can skip to the next step if you arent sure yet).

2. Insert your descriptive word (this is the creative part). There are really no rules here. Floral, animal, family name, any adjective, noun or fanciful word will do.

3. Insert your kind of residence (also optional). Cottage, Manor, Corner, House, Farm, Hill and so on.

Note: if you are using the in the front you may not need #3 and vice versa.

Examples using #1 and #2
The Lodge
The Dungeon (this was a college pad)
The Hovel (another funny name)

Examples using #2 and #3 only

Rosebriar Cottage (The sweet vintage jewel box I call my abode)
Windy Corners (remember this one from A Room With A View?)
Rose House (I almost named my home this until I read it is the most common name, Ugh common!)
Serenity Lodge

Examples using all 3

The Sherrod House
The Brown Manor
The Ivy Hill

Good luck and happy naming!