Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small vases

All houses are at the mercy of the concept of scale. 

A vintage jewel box like Rosebriar Cottage is "beauty on a very small scale". 

This is why it is important to have small vases.

Beautiful people need to have beauty around them and flowers are beautiful. 

Also one needs something to put all those bouquets in.

Possibly, your didnt pick it yourself but someone who knows a great deal about your personal value picked it for you. 

Or maybe they bought it, (handpicked is sooo much more thoughtful).

Still, in order to honor that most intelligent and wonderful version of humanity that has given you a gift you must have small vases.

If your house is ludicrously large (which is becoming a vastly out-of-date concept) then maybe a larger vase is for you.

One could use an a small jar, container type doesnt matter as much as scale does.