Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finding one's signature flower

As one perfects their personal brand

( I do need to think of a better word than brand- that is so three years ago but please stay with me)

one needs a signature flower.

This is the flower most associated with your style, it can show up in various forms:

It can be pinned on as a brooch.

On your stationary

It can be a frequent part of hair ornamentation

and of course hats.

This is the flower that defines you.

Since Madame L. (moi) cannot be defined by a mere single flower species of course I wear more variety but for a normal person one will do just fine to start.  

The question then becomes,

"How does one find that special flower that defines their life?"

Go through your life story.

If, perhaps,  you have forgotten your life story due to some unfortunate reason then simply re-read your memoirs which you keep by your bedside table until you can get around to publishing them. 

What no memoirs?

All truly original and entertaining people MUST write their memoirs (I will post a how-to on this soon- Malva please remind me.)

For now your task is: find your signature flower. 

Ps. Try to join the local society that supports your flower (since the meetings are a wonderful place to wear hats).