Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday morning trip to the Farm Market

Recently I was thinking about where some of the lovely food that comes into Rosebriar Cottage comes from:

1. The grocery store (an overpriced place filled with flourescent lighting that does not make Madame L. look as her best).

2. The gourmet grocery store (slightly better lighting, wine samplings on the weekends).

3. Smith Farm market (nice baked goods).

4. In the summer you-pick farms.

5. In the summer farm stalls on the sides of country roads. 

6. Our garden.

7. The local farm market (this is THE PLACE TO BEEN SEEN on Saturday mornings).

We are making an effort to buy local.  It all counts. 

Ps. Cloth bags are ever so much more stylish. Now let me remember them.