Saturday, November 20, 2010


Recently, I was cleaning out my medicine cabinet when I realized that many of the items in it are, well, ahem, vintage. 

Malva said antique might be a more appropriate word which, at that point I sent her out to the store for more fresh flowers, which I need the same way I need more flair and flamboyance in my life.  Ha!

As she pulled out of the drive on her little pink scooter she could tell I was miffed. My favorite floral muumuu lightly blowing in the wind I shooed her toward the nearest florist.  

One never wants one's Social Secretary pointing out even the slightest age difference once one has reached an indeterminate age.

Still, I thought I would share this photo with my dear readers in order to remind everyone- yes, all things do get to the point where they are so graphically out of date they are unusable in their original form. 

At which point they have actually transcended the fickle world of practicality or fashion and have become, if not valuable works of art, then at least objects of interest.

In case you hadn't already realized this is a metaphor for yours truly. Moi.