Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Daddy Sushi

Madame L. (moi) can most certainly cook but since her husband is soooooooooooo much better at most things related to daily meals for living,  I frequently let's him take the spotlight in this regard. 

How generous of me, yes, I know.  He has become quite accomplished through the years.

It's a lovely cycle and it works like this:

1. The husband does something lovely, like grilling, for example. 

2. No matter the initial flavor/texture/outcome one MUST compliment the action.

 Example wording:

"Honey, this is the best/excellent/astonishing/restaurant quality __________(insert noun) I've ever tasted, you simply must make this again." (This is not a lie, it is simply encouraging future creativity).

Then, he will politely point out the flaw in whatever he made (because he is normal with a sense of humility not an over-the-top eccentric like yourself).

The next time he will have improved the quality until after something like 10 years of marriage he will be an extraordinarily skilled Master Chef. 

Sadly this can be a bit burdensome. 

Frequently you may be dining at a finer establishment when the head chef will run out with sweat dripping from his brow begging your husband to come and fix the absolute mess that has been made in the kitchen by some newbie fresh out of cooking school.

Your husband, who trained privately at the Chatham Institute (so prestigious and exclusive that not many have actually ever heard of it) will politely excuse himself and help the poor desperate head chef not lose his job.

This scenario has happened more times then one cares to think of.