Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Peonies from the garden

One aspect of my life as an Over-The-Top Eccentric involves flowers, I practically insist on them. 

In a pinch silk or dried may do but mostly I NEED fresh flowers. 

I am deeply inspired by Peonies. They do not apologize for being rather large and taking up the whole vase and then some.  

One does not trim back peonies but simply cuts the blooms and puts them in one of the many vases one has collected from various travels over the years (notice this lovely sandwich glass green vase).

Do not be alarmed, a love of flowers does not necessarily have to be expensive.  Peonies are an old fashioned flower that are easy to grow. I adore many things that are old fashioned since I am, of course, of an indeterminate age.

These also go beautifully on a hat.  Fresh flowers on a hat are DIVINE.  Do not be scared of this look, simply save the small water holders when you receive your next corsage and use these along with scarves and ribbons to tuck in your fresh flowers.  (Malva, remind me later to do a blog post on this subject).

Don't be bothered by the ants that run around on the buds as they are getting ready to bloom.  They provide a tasty treat for the ants. 

Do take care to shake off the ants should you put these blooms on your hat.  Live ants running around on one's hat is not something, even a Batty Eccentric like myself, can condone.