Sunday, May 27, 2012

Darlings, an explanation

To those dear readers who have graciously been following me up to this point let me explain myself. 

A recent foray into ballroom dance has illuminated the fact that I have not been cyberly true to my more flamboyant nature. 

So along with my trusted Social Secretary, Malva, whom I will dictate these posts to as I walk the room in a wildly printed flowing caftan,  I have re-created this blog in it's entirety.

Well perhaps more accurately, it has been taken over by one of my more decorative personalities.

Those who knew me back in my theatre days when I was still known as Mademoiselle G may remember me as the over-the-top diva who with just as many faults as any "normal" person (previous author),  but without any of her overly developed sense of humility and restraint.

In other words, brace yourselves. Escapee from ordinary, that histrionic drama queen alter ego has finally broken the bonds of a proper Southern-style upbringing.

Madame L. will now be running the show or in this case, the blog!

Champagne anyone?

Think of this change in terms of Jekyll and Hyde except with better breath and a much nicer wardrobe.