Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gift from the post

My goodness today when Malva checked the post we realized we had forgotten to look at all yesterday and there was the most fabulous gift of a twelve page letter from none other than Ivory Manor which is in a lovely place called Hermitage, Tennessee. Home of a literary genius-in-the-making, for privacy purposes we will call her Miss H.E. 

It was so wonderful I was able to brag about getting an actual letter to at least half a dozen people before the day was through.  I don't normally like to boast so much (it's tacky) but I was simply overwhelmed at my great fortune.

Miss H.E. (a literary genius herself) has recently had the sort of setbacks that anyone reading any great novel will find a heroine has.  Tragedy of more than one kind has befallen her and her family but she has handled it with great courage and grace.  I am practically on the edge of my seat waiting to see what will happen in her life next.

She is not only a spectacular writer (hence my great fortune in such a letter) but she is kindly and good hearted.  I do wish we lived closer and could visit more often.

She has advised me (in a most tactful way) of how I may be a more interesting and technologically up to date person.  For someone who nearly always prefers the old fashioned way this is extremely helpful. 

Since Miss H.E. has such fantastic taste I do hope she will read my blog again in the future. 

For now,  Dear blog readers a mission:  write to someone of indeterminate age (like moi) who will greatly appreciate a true letter in paper form.

 (Malva remind me to do a blog post for all those who have forgotten how to write a real letter).