Monday, August 27, 2012

Yesterday, one of my best neighbors (ever), Beautiful Marie, commented that I almost always have clothes hanging on the line at Rosebriar Cottage. 

It is true. 

Although I have a perfectly wonderful machine dryer in the dungeon (basement), I much prefer hanging my clothes out.

I feel so Amish.  I remember some beautiful movie scenes with ladies wearing kerchiefs on their heads doing chores and dancing.  (Was it Fiddler on the Roof, I forget?)

Anyway, when a chore becomes an outdoor activity I am sooooooo much happier. 

What makes you happy? 

Is there some way more of your chores could have an added twist that could make them not so tedious? 

Take a breath.

Then take a moment to think positive thoughts about one thing you could tweak in your life to make it a teensy bit better. 

Now, act on it (otherwise it's just a good thought and while those are nice they don't make as much of an impact as an action).