Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vintage tablecloths

  A  vintage souvenir tablecloth is a wonderful way to remember your travels. 

Also younger people who may not be as familiar with the landscape of the world (aka: geography) can benefit from this decorative, functional, stylish tablecloth (think: teaching aid).

Do be careful with this sort of geographic household item,   they hold more power than one may realize. 

A cautionary tale:

My dear Cousin Karen grew up in a home with French Everything on the bathroom wallpaper. 
Was it a subliminal push?  Intentional? -mais non. 

Still,  she ended up being a French Major who spent WAYYYY too much time away from her family maison while enjoying all the reckless sublimeness of France at a rather young age. Many feared she would never get back to the South.  (Personally, I was unconcerned since I love France and was hoping for a chance to visit once she settled there permanently).

She has since recovered from her obsession. Still, she has a precarious interest in overly smelly cheese.  Truth be known, she is a bit of a smelly French cheese pusher (being a Francophile I have succumbed on occasion but don't tell the Southern based relatives, they wouldn't understand).