Wednesday, January 23, 2013

30 generations

Dear Sweet: 

This post is for you since I know you have been searching and working on your lineage. 

I have been entrusted for some time with the knowledge our dear Grandmother, Mary Frances found through a distant cousin many years ago regarding our shared heritage. 

The beginning:

Ralph de Buron came from Normandy with William The Conqueror in 1066.  As a result of that conquest he recieved Horsley Castle in England.  (Sadly, the castle is now a pile of rock, you can find a photo of it on the Internet).   He died in 1102.  (The castle is also written as/called Horston castle)

His son, Hugh de Buron inherited Horsley Castle (in Derbyshire, England - I'm not sure).  He died in 1155.  He was married to a woman by the first name of Albreda.

Roger de Buron of Horsley Castle was their son and he was married to Nichola de Verdon. I believe he died in 1199.

He had at least 2 sons:

The one we are related to is:
Geoffrey de Birom et de Glazebroge (notice that sometimes the spellings change here) born circa 1160 died 1230 married to a woman with the first name of Edith.

The other one (worth noting) was Robert de Biron (or Buron).  These were the Byron's of Clayton Lancashire later of Newstead Abbey.  The Lords Byron. (Yes, I believe the family Lord Byron the famous poet was later part of.)

Geoffrey de Birum (listed above) had a son also named Geoffrey de Birum et de Glazebrook who was married to Alice (no last name known).  (circa 1260?)

Richard de Glazebrook circa 1290

Henry de Glazebrook cicra 1305

Henry de Byrom 1st Byrom of Byrom (circa 1355) married Alica de Holland

Simon de Byrom 2nd Byrom of Byrom died 1383 Married Juane (last name?)

Thomas 3rd Byrom of Byrom died circa 1424

Henry de Byrom 4th Byrom of Byrom died 1455 Married to Lucy Parr

John 5th Byrom of Byrom died 1472 Married to Mary Lever

Henry 6th Byrom of Byrom died 1506 Married to Constance Abram

Sir John Byrom 7th Byrom of Byrom died 1524 Married to a woman with the maiden last name of Leyland (although we dont have a first name for her).

They had Thomas 8th Byrom of Byrom who died in circa 1535 (not sure about this death date).

Henry Byrom 9th Byrom of Byrom in Lowton Winwick Parish born 1504 died 1541 in Lancashire England. 
First marriage was to: Elizabeth Landston (who died before 1529) They had a son Thomas 10th Byrom of Byrom who died 1559 (there is a note that says: "No issue").

His second marriage (our relative) was  Elizabeth Bold of Bold (who descended from Edward I King of England through the Stanleys and Butler of Bewry (spelling?))

They (Henry 9th and Elizabeth Bold) had
Sir John Byrom 1530-1595 11th Byrom of Byrom who went on to have Byroms of Byrom until Samuel 17th, the last Byrom of Byrom  1685-1741 (no issue)
Peter Byrom of Westleigh (spelling?) Kenion cicra 1535-1592
Richard Byrom of Middleton died 1590 (no issue)
and our relative:
Henry Byrom of Lowton (one of the younger brothers) who was living in 1590.  He had a son named Peter of Parr and I have his information but since we are not descended from him I wont put it here) but also he had :

Henry Byrom of Parr who was living in 1592 (our relative)

Thomas Byrom of Parr Prescot Parish Lancashire Living in 1636 and married to Ann Byrche

James Byrom 1627-1681 Married to Ellen (?)

James Byrom circa 1649 to 1695 first marriage to Elizabeth Bankes, 2nd marriage to Jane Wright
There were two sons, half brothers William (1676-1724)

and James Byrom 1687-1748 .  We are related to James who was younger half brother, son of  Jane Wright (I believe)  they sailed to America together in October of 1695 and were settled in Essex County VA by 1725. James Byrom married Elizabeth (last name unknown?)

Ezekiel Byrom of Essex County, VA born circa 1730 died circa 1800 married to Elizabeth Rodden

Henry Byrom  born:1778, died:1853 It was he who moved to Franklin County, Tennessee from Essex County VA in 1803 via Mechlenburg NC  he was married to Mary S. Cooke 1779-1863 in 1803 (one wonders if he picked up a wife on the way from VA to TN?)

Benjamin Byrom 1813-1849 married to Elizabeth Hays (she may have been a 2nd wife after his first wife died, she is the one we are related to).

Henry Franklin Byrom 1848-1905 married Margaret (Tucker) Jones in 1870.  She lived 1848-1946

Willie Ann Byrom 1879-1949 married to Charles E. Poe.  Wedding date Jan 4, 1912 (not sure).

Mary Frances Poe (Byrom would have been her mother's maiden name) married Jesse Lee Miller October 7, 1939 (not sure about that date)

and you know the rest from there.