Monday, January 21, 2013

Once there was a beautiful dog named Apollo.  He was smarter than his people but patient enough to teach them how to love him. 

Apollo needed many walks, especially when he was a puppy.  He wanted to herd, protect and run.  For the most part he was able to do these things. 

He needed lots of attention and required regular medical care. 

He knew that no dog food would ever be as tasty as people food but he mostly ate his dog food anyhow because he knew that was the people he owned wanted him to do. 

When he became sick and died it was such a sad time that the people he owned weren't sure they would ever be able to have another dog again.  They went on lonely walks without him and thought of him often.

Strangely, after his death the female he owned found that she could still speak dog fairly well although there was no dog she wanted to talk with as much as Apollo.

Still, it was a nice gift, the ability to speak dog (even if her fluency was questionable). 

The other odd thing that happened after Apollo left his earthly body was that he came to visit, once, in a dream.

The person Apollo owned was laying on the bed in her dream (and in real life too) and Apollo came in the room and went over to sniff her head.  Then, satisfied with what he found he left the room. 

There was something so real about it all she was convinced it had really happened, that he had really come to check on her and make sure she was okay. 

It would be so like him to do such a thing.